Thursday, September 08, 2005

My freelance life.

Well today I think I hit a new high in freelance-lifing... I've achieved so little today it's scary. My current situation is this: I'm skint, (British word for penniless), I have no paying work coming in and the weather is nice. It's driving me nuts! One of the craziest things about freelancing, and the one thing I never even considered whilst I was permanently employed, is the whole peaks and troughs thing. It doesn't seem to make any sense, how can I have so much to do some days and so little others. It maka noa sensa. Well, actually it makes perfect sense. It's called life. So, freelancing... Hmmmm... How best to deal with it. Not sure I know the answer to that one. Suffice to say it's tricky, especially if, like me, you work from home. You become a kind of unwilling hermit, your work and your situatuion holds you hostage in your own house. The main difference between this hostage situation and a real one is that I can call Marc and meet him in the pub for a shandy. Wonder if Terry Waite ever tried that?

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