Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The best of moods.

Today I’ve awoken in the most incredibly good mood. Sure I have no decent work on at the moment and therefore no money and I’m finding it difficult to rustle up the energy to make a start on the minor jobs I do have to do, I’m lacking the impetus necessary to plough on with my journalism course, Beth is unwell so I’ve been relegated from the role of house-husband to nursemaid which in turn makes it difficult to concentrate on anything other than the many DVDs that she’s catching up on without retiring to the bedroom only to be called upon to fetch some orange juice, plump her pillows or provide her with a steady stream of Lemsip, but despite all this I’m very, very happy today. To celebrate I’m just taking the lovely (but ill & snotty) Beth out of a spot of beautifully fresh Brighton air and a wonderful bacon sarnie. Now where’s that invalid chair?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I’ve just come back from a brief trip down to the video shop to get, well – a video and man is it raining out there. I’m drenched despite having a brolly. On the way there a bloke ran past with his young daughter, they were laughing and shouting at one another and generally gambolling about enjoying having got caught in the downpour. She looked like it could have been the best fun she’d had so far this week. I wonder when the last time was that I had so much fun pratting about in the rain.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tax avoision

I’d decided over the weekend that today was to be my tax day so naturally I set about finding plenty of things that I absolutely ‘had’ to do other than my tax. I did the laundry and the washing up. I balled all my socks and folded my pants. I listened to a couple of albums I’d downloaded recently (Terry Callier’s new effort ‘Timepeace’ being one) and gave them my full attention. I had tea with a friend of Beth’s and acted as her secretary, made a few calls, looked at a few websites and found out about parking in certain areas of Brighton. I had a poo. I took a whole heap of books off the bookshelf, stacked ‘em neatly on the floor and then put them back in a slightly different order. I spoke to my Ma on the phone. I spoke to Beth on the phone. I eat some crisps and a scotch egg. I deleted all the redundant contacts from my mobile and I sat down to look at the box of receipts that represent my tax.
Naturally I drunk an awful lot of tea throughout. It was actually kind of fun.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Why I love living in Brighton (Part one)

This morning I popped down to 'Snax in the City', a rather silly named café on Western Road where a lovely friendly lady serves great sausage sarnies. Whilst chatting to her about stealing sachets of mustard from pubs and my desire to have an allotment, a bloke came in and joined in our conversation. Folks down here are so chatty and friendly, I love it. I also learnt something from all this (apart from the fact that the café owner steals condiment sachets)and that's that the scene from Only Fools & Horses where Del-boy fakes the discovery of a source of pure spring water in their allotment was actually filmed, not in Peckham, but down the road just outside of Lewes. This bloke's dad used to watch 'em filming out of the window. Cool huh?