Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bye matey

I think I've posted this picture of Pat before but I thought I'd pop it up again today in tribute to him. He was in his 18th year (pretty impressive I think) and had only really lost his 'bounce' in the latter 18 months but a full year after the vet gave him three weeks to live and two cancer operations later we finally decided that something had to be done. The tumors in his mouth were causing him pain and preventing him from eating food (his number one favourite past-time) and he wouldn't have survived a third operation so we took the humane course.
The vet was absolutely wonderful and came to our home to administer the injection. It was an emotional moment for all but mercifully quick. He looked so peaceful as they rolled him in a blanket to take him away for cremation.
So, thanks matey. Thanks for all the unconditional love you gave us, thanks for the all the times you made us laugh like drains by getting your head stuck in the back of the tumble dryer, the infamous 'balloon incident' and for slug-balancing. Thanks for being my little ginger buddy.
Bye Pat. I'll miss you terribly.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I was just in the toilet here at work and some bloke came in, stood at the urinal and parped whilst having a wee. I nearly gave myself an aneurism trying not to laugh. I'm 33 years old, why do I still find that funny?

BBC's Any Dream Will Do

Who cares?

Helvetica 50

Many Happy Returns Helvetica.
Probably the World's most popular font turns 50 today (which is probably only interesting to the typographers and designers out there but hey, who's blog is this? It's mine isn't it so shuddup). Frank Wildenberg the managing director of Linotype (the German firm that owns the font) says of Helvetica "It's durable. It comes from natural design forms. It doesn't have an expression of fashion. It has very clear lines and characters, it looks like a very serious typeface." Whereas Neville Brody sees the bitch 'Helv' as "bland, unadventurous, unambitious." What do I think of it? I dunno really. I've got a sodding wedding to plan! Why are you pestering me with questions about poxy typefaces? So long as it's not bloody 'Comic sans' I don't give a damn right now.