Thursday, November 23, 2006


It's with sadness that I read yesterday the news that Craig Robinson is closing his Flip Flop Flying blog. For those of you that don't know, Craig essentially 'invented' the whole 'pixel-people' thing back on his website FlipFlopFlyin, (If you live in the UK then you've almost certainly seen his work on ads for the Guardian Music magazine, Esquire magazine and Reebok amongst others), and the blog he started back in April 2005 has gained a decent sized crowd of regular reasons, of which I was one. The FFF blog pretty much directly inspired me to start this wee little blog-o-mine as FFF made me realise that blogs don't have to be about anything in particular, like new music or advances in science, nor do they have to be exclusively editorial in content but can simply be about whatever you want to say.
So, TTFN FFF and all the very best to you Craig. I'm glad you're keeping the original site going and I look forward to lots more exciting stuff to keep me amused when I'm supping tea and munching on biccies. Cheers beardy-fella.

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