Monday, October 30, 2006

Some incontrovertible truths about me

I’m right handed.
I’m losing my hair on my head but have an astonishing amount of it on my tummy.
I cry at odd things on telly. The end of ‘King Kong’ makes me bawl but ‘Philadelphia’ left me cold.
I drink way too much tea.
I think I’m nice.
I always smile at dogs and babies.
I don’t believe in God but I do think that if he does exist, he’ll understand.
I grin like an idiot and sometimes chuckle to myself with happiness when I think of Beth.
All my boxers are black.
I only wear brightly coloured, stripey socks.
I name stuff. (Our car is Mabel, we have plants called Megan, Dave & Tony and the hoover is known as Steve.)
Whenever I’m feeling blue I whistle the ‘Terry & June’ theme tune and that picks me up.
I look good in pink.
I’ve owned four identical pairs of the same yellow trainers.
I love Doctor Who. (The show, not the man.)
Hearing Al Green’s ‘Let’s Stay Together’ always makes me happy.
My first crush came whilst listening Debbie Harry singing ‘Heart of Glass’ on my Dad’s record player.
I’m not fussed about football.
I love skiing and the noise of fresh snow crunching under my feet.
I’m a designer but I’d rather be a writer.
I quite like the Queen and I think Tony Blair has done what he thought best.
I prefer Jamie Oliver to Gordon Ramsay.
I think that anything with either a giant monkey or a midget in it is worth watching.
If I could choose my own family I’d have William Shatner as my Dad, Judi Dench as my Mum (my Mum actually reminds me of Judi), Hugh Laurie as my uncle, Kathy Burke as my auntie and Ant & Dec and Miranda Richardson as my younger twin brothers and older sister respectively.
I’m a bit of an environmentalist.
I don’t get the interest in ‘Arctic Monkeys’.
I like vodka but am developing a taste for whiskey.
I prefer white wine to red and French to ‘New World’.
I think cake is amazing.
When I enter my building I often try to leg it up the two sets of stairs to my door before the front door shuts.
I can’t wait for Christmas.


Tori said...

Have you seen 'The Station Agent' then? It's good. Well, I thought so.

Benji said...

I love that film. The dwarf dude is without doubt the coolest man I have ever seen on film.